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First off, if someone asks, I won't skip bosses. I will always insist on skipping trash and bonus at level 50, since it doesn't really drop anything good.

As a person who has 5 level 50s, I really don't want to do all of the bosses, nor do I have the time. I want to get geared with Columi, not Xenotech. I have no issues running HM after HM getting the gear at the end.

Be happy that people are really only wanting to run these for comms. You do realize that, generally, that leaves the drop at the end for you to Need on when everyone else Greeds, guaranteeing you better gear than all of the gear that could have dropped. In fact, that means that you might only have to run 6-8 Flashpoints to get fully geared with Columi pieces.

I would suggest a "carrot" instead of the "stick" that everyone keeps saying of making the FP only complete if the bosses are all dead. Make the bosses worth killing. Make them drop even better items or a ton of cash. Heck, upgrade the HM FPs with the mini-bosses dropping Columi and the final boss dropping Rakata. Might as well match the power creep. Or just stick the awesome crafting materials in the mini-bosses. Anything to incentivize the player instead of penalizing them.

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Fact of the matter is, thdse people are every where and It's not fun to have to throw them on my back and carry them through. Maybe if people stopped skipping soooo much, these people would actually learn how to play.
This is true, but unfortunately, you will just wipe on the trash or the extra bosses, instead of just wiping on the un-skippable bosses over and over again.

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So according you you group finder tool is reserved for speed runs. Why don't you use gen chat for your comm runs and let us find a group. Pretty sure that's what it is used for...
It all comes down to the fact that the GF is not meant to merge all playstyles. If you want people of your playstyle specifically, then the best thing is to advertise for it on Fleet and then queue using the GF to get the comms at the end.

Now as to what the general feeling should be on the speed runs vs. the full runs, you have to just feel that out for your group. I have been lucky generally that people want to go ahead and speed run it. I would just encourage people to be courteous. Period.
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