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do some digging on all major mmo websites and take a look at the global image of this 'well-thought system' that you say.
The system in which, if you play your cards well, you may hardly have to pay a cent in the future. Unlocks are already dropping in price, it'll be a matter of time before you can just purchase the majority of your unlocks by means of ingame credits.

Obviously those with sub room-temperature IQ's will fail to grasp that, and considering as to how many of them make up the communities on a lot of those sites it simply cannot be helped.

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threads filled with disappointment over restrictions and poor pvp/pve content, new players but also former subscribers.
Poor PvE/PvP content however, is a matter of taste.

Yes, I absolutely hate hutball. I think it's in the same level of terrible as Arathi Basin or Warschung Gulsch was in WoW.

However, there are plenty of others who like hutball, and there are plenty of people who like AB and WG in WoW.

The same goes for the raiding content. I loved Black Temple when I was younger, and enjoyed my time in ICC. However, as I've grown older I must say I'm much less inclined to repeat those sort of raids but rather stick to something like EC or TFB. Something which if you learn the ropes, may be finished in approx 90 minutes - 2 hours.

In terms of raiding difficulty though, WoW and SWTOR don't differ a lot. They're both relatively easy. If you can learn to dance, you can also learn to do the required steps in such raids.
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