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11.26.2012 , 10:52 AM | #4
What you posted there is a variation of what used to be the Ironfist spec. However, you bypassed two talents that reduce damage by 2% each, which would total 4% mitigation which is very good to have. It works additively with the Ion Gas Cylinder reduction and it is very good to have in both pve and pvp. Unfortunately the spec was nerfed damage-wise and it's not what it used to be. However, if you are a subscriber, feel free to try everything. Personally, i would go for pyro tree, since burst is king.

This is what I would build towards for your level:

And the final purpose is this:

A full spec might be more damaging or more tanky, but i loathe being knocked back so Hydraulic Overrides is my friend, reduced cd on interrupt and grapple and guaranteed RS crit from Charged Gauntlets make this a very fun build. Again, if you are a subscriber you can easily switch your spec if you want to tank flashpoints, but other than that, for general lowbie PvP and PvE, a damaging build gets things done a lot faster.

So like i said, burst is king in PvP, your hardest hitting abilities like Rail Shot will help you a lot, but your real strength will be your utility and mobility. I would like to point you towards a great series of videos of a Vanguard (which is the Republic mirror class) and check out his moves:

Also, i'm sorry to hear about your real life taking over your virtual life. It should never happen. Wife and kids come and go, but gear is soulbound, my friend.