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And yet there are hundreds if not thousands of new players with the majority reaching Alderaan or Taris at the moment. I am not saying that this F2P model is fair for f2players, but then again BioWare said up front that F2Players will be severely limited. I mean.. if they want to enjoy the storylines, they can practically do it with what they get. Flashpoints? They don't need them, but they can still play some. Maybe the gear equip restriction is really bad, but other than that I can accept it. Why, you ask? Because I am a subscriber.

What gives them the right to demand more? They have access to the most important part of the game - storylines. If they want more, why don't they subscribe?

You know, you can get a toon to level 50 in less than two weeks if you play regularly. You won't be broke if you buy one month subscription and enjoy everything to it's fullest. Noone ever said that BioWare wanted to keep their f2p players as contented as Turbine with it's LotRO and DDO now, did they? The F2P is a free trial based on revolving door marketing. Some will play it and finish the desired storyline without paying, and then delete the game and move on. Some will play it, spend a few bucks/euros on crucial Cartel Market content and leave. Few others will decide - just like those two F2P guys I grouped up with for Athiss - that the game is so cool that they want to sub and enjoy all the bonuses available for subscribers.

You do not demand more from people who give you something for free. But it is up to you to decide if you want to accept it or pass by. All in all, this F2P model, as restrictive and imperfect it might seem, is actually pretty well-thought. We will see how successful it will be with time.
half of what you said is correct but this 'f2p' hype attempt was EAwares last chance to revive this dying game, they cant aford the luxury of these stupid restrictions.
ok lets say as a f2p player you finally hit 50 and then what, you start again with other class? ok and then what? its not about the price its about the concept, eventually if you want to actually 'PLAY' this game you will have to pay, so then this 'f2p' is not so f2p after all.

do some digging on all major mmo websites and take a look at the global image of this 'well-thought system' that you say.
threads filled with disappointment over restrictions and poor pvp/pve content, new players but also former subscribers.

yea huge success ahead..