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I thought I'd throw some specifics out here about my guild's "premade". We are not a pvp guild <vengeance>, I am probably the most avid pvper in the guild (and that's not saying much). Our casual 1-3 hours of pvp mostly centers around doing our dalies and finishing our weekly. So. Below is a list of the 7 people in my guild that pvp from time to time (that's about 1/3 of our guild). We win 75%+ of the matches.

It's rare to have more than 4 of these 7 people on at the same time. We group for fun. We also spend a big chunk of our pvp time doing open world pvp in the black hole and section x.

1. Me. I play all my 50s, trying to gear them. From a to e, in order of what I play the most..
a. 1/2 WH rage jugg
b. 1/2 WH conceal oper
c. 1/10th WH sorc
d. 1/4 WH sniper
e. Rarely on my full WH/EWH PT Pyro

2. Player 2, Full WH deception sin (basically his only toon)

3. Player 3,
a. Full WH (full) tank sin
b. 1/3 BM mara

4. Player 4,
a. 1/4 WH healer oper
b. 1/2 BM deception sin

5. Player 5, full WH/EWH oper healer

6. Player 6,
a. 1/3 WH jugg
b. 1/5th WH Sorc healer

7. Player 7,
a. Campaign geared Sin tank
b. Campaign geared madness sorc.

So, there it is. A honest run down. Clearly our best team is when we have...
1. Rage Jugg or PT PYro
2. Deception Sin
3. Oper Healer
4. Tank Sin

This happens 5-10% of the time. Our most common group is..

1. 1/2 WH geared Rage Jugg/Conceal Oper
2. Madness sorc in pve gear
3. 1/2 WH geared veng jugg
4. 1/4 WH geared oper healer

The point of me posting this is to show what my "premade" is with no exaggerations. It's not built for success, it's not predetermined, we aren't trying to faceroll people because we can't cut it in rateds. Sometimes we have 3 healers and it's awful. Sometimes we have 2 people, sometimes we run two groups of 3. What we do is probably the epitome of casual group pvp. We don't group to faceroll people, we group because we are in a guild that has fun being social (as social as a video game allows anyway). Anyone else feel free to post your "premade" or how your guild pvps when rateds aren't a reality.
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