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11.26.2012 , 10:39 AM | #8
I agree with the OP, he worded it very nicely.

I think one of the issues with the feature chart is also that its very missleading, in the sense that people look at the chart and see ****! F2p dont even get sprint nor access to mounts! for excample, which simply put isnt the case, if you mouse over the check boxes it clearly states they DO get access to mounts, at a later lvl( the original lvls) then subscribers.

The chart isnt (for the lack of better words) idiot proof.
Like mentioned above, people asume you do not get sprint as F2P, if they listed it as :
feature sub - pref - f2p
Sprint : lvl 1 - lvl 1- lvl 15

It would have been alot clearer .