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What gives them the right to demand more? They have access to the most important part of the game - storylines. If they want more, why don't they subscribe?
I'm pretty sure you didn't actually read the OP, so I'll let you go back and do that now.
He's quite right; I work at a college, next to the Helpdesk--an area filled with dozens of students at any given moment of the day discussing video games. I have *heard* misinformation, and the negative impact it has had. Folks saying that there's all these horrible restrictions, therefore they decided not to even try the game. Which was the OP's point. Which I am corroborating with real-world witnessing.

He's not saying "lift the restrictions." He's saying "Stop presenting the restrictions out of context and making is sound as though if you try the game for free, you'll be severely handicapped and unable to play."

Heck--I've even heard 2 separate people mention that Tor doesn't sound worth it because they read that there's a level cap... Play till 50 or something... And they don't want to get into it and have to stop. See what a little bit of misunderstanding and de-contextualized bullet pointing can do?
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