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What gives them the right to demand more? They have access to the most important part of the game - storylines. If they want more, why don't they subscribe?
You didn't read the OP, did you.

He's right, aside from the restrictions the F2P conversion has terrible advertising. I had a friend getting into it who was under the impression that he would never be able to Sprint (he played City of Heroes; CoH Sprint is faster than SWToR speeders). I had to point out that the empty symbol (when moused over) indicated he'd be able to do it at level 15.

There are examples like that all over. For something that's supposed to save the game they're doing a really bad job of marketing it and being clear about what's restricted and what isn't. Did you know F2P players can't get credit boxes from mission rewards? It's not a big deal - BW probably does it to keep away credit farmers with free accounts and Slicing. That's reasonable. But a F2P player doesn't know that until they get into the game and see it, generally at level 4 or 5. One that's seen all the F2P restrictions already sees one more (ostensibly nonsensical) restriction added onto that.