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I think Andronikus is sexy though. And I was shocked seeing Revan, what a hot piece of pixels. Too bad he can't be romanced.

But on a serious note. I don't see how they're going to adjust current companions. What would happen to everyone's legacy unlocks? Would they be reset with all companion dialogue? Moreover it doesn't add anything new, it just changes what already was, and that's a waste of everything. I'm not holding back on companion quests. I think it's highly unlikely anything will be changed there.
This is why some people are holding off levelling characters or completing companion quests. Some people might consider it unlikely that they will alter existing companions, but we simply don't know that. Not for certain, no matter how likely or unlikely we think it may be. Some people don't want to risk locking themselves out of SGR content on existing characters, since there is a chance that if they do it with existing companions we won't be able to somehow reset companion conversations we have already completed.

This comes back to the lack of information. We can speculate all we like but in the end we just don't know. It might be with existing companions or it might not. We might be able to reset conversations or we might not. We might be "safe" if we stopped levelling characters at a certain point or we might have to start all over again. We might have to reach a certain level to unlock a new SGR companion. And so on.