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The one character I am most definitely not interested in having an SGRA (or a opposite-gender, for that matter), is my inquisitor. You get either Andronikus Revel or Ashara Zavros, and that is it, and I simply cannot stand either of them. Their personalities are like sandpaper on an open wound. My opinion is that it might have been deliberate on BW's part, so you could safely level at least one character without same-gender romance being an issue. And wow, is it ever not an issue in this case.

That aside, the more time passes, the more inclined I am to just proceed with other toons, regardless of gender - it is looking like same-gender romance is wishful thinking, something else that's going to sit on the back burner until it boils away completely.
I think Andronikus is sexy though. And I was shocked seeing Revan, what a hot piece of pixels. Too bad he can't be romanced.

But on a serious note. I don't see how they're going to adjust current companions. What would happen to everyone's legacy unlocks? Would they be reset with all companion dialogue? Moreover it doesn't add anything new, it just changes what already was, and that's a waste of everything. I'm not holding back on companion quests. I think it's highly unlikely anything will be changed there.
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