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11.26.2012 , 09:57 AM | #9
Thank God ..... A swtor podcast that does not go go and on about doom and gloom !!!!! Thanks guys for been one of the main reasons that got me back into the game..... Over the summer when the media/ podcast were doing nothing but put the game down, even though I enjoy the game and in may very humble opinion its the best mmo.... all the negative press about the game just made me not want to play..... so I took a break until it all blew over but still kept my sub going becaause I wanted to support bioware and the game. Then may cousin bought the game and I started playing again ..... I was listening to the last episode of the world of warcast podcast and towards the end of the episode starman says something like people still play old republic god knows why or he could'nt understand why or something along those lines.... For some reason that just made me so angery I unsubed from the podcast.... Found myself waiting for a group for a heroic jumped on Itunes and searched for swtor podcasts and found you guys and the guys from the cantina band ..... All I can say is thankyou!!! your awsome listening to past episodes and trying to get caught up is making my time on Taris a lot less painful so thanks again guys!!!!