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11.26.2012 , 09:36 AM | #44
Leveling my PT is one of the most easy and fun experiences in SWTOR. PvE is smooth, PvP is amazing. I don't have best of the best gear (orange with blue mods appropriate for my lvl), but i kept Mako up to date and i'm just blowing through content. A nice trick is to use Explosive Dart on normal mobs, even if it's heat-expensive. I can ED a mob, RS it, it will die from the subsequent explosive, FB another one, RP to reset RS cooldown and finish off whatever is left. I took on strong, elite mobs and even bosses. I use and abuse Death from Above, Flamethrower and Quell. I only need to regen every 4-5 packs or so. I have 18 points in Pyro and the rest go in Adv. Prototype. My Vanguard is lower level, but i found out that my first 3 talent points are best spent in AP/Tactics tree to give 60% armor pen to RS/HIB.

PvP... you just gotta learn from the best. Check Oozo's Vanguard series: