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Thanks again , was a good read . I liked it !

Have to say Keira's voice work was totally Awesome and probably the best in KotoR I and II .

I would like to point out that Sion could have been a Poorly skilled Jedi/Sithlord and still been feared because he just keeps coming at you . I found nothing special in his skill set or abilities other than he was immortal . I will say he played his part in KotoR II but I think in the Cut Scene where Nihilus puts him down like he was nothing , says Sion had no idea how to defend against anything and just took the beating till you either wore out or in Nihilus case seen that he would not be able to ware out .
I am not saying Sion is a bad character , just pointing out something I feel is important.
But It could be alittle Biased because as soon as I seen Nihilus , I was like ..........."DUDE , that is one sick looking Sithloard" , think I was 25 at the time the game was announced and to be honest then I use to play KotoR through and through once a month every Month from when it came out till KotoR II .By far my Favorite RPGs to this day !
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