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Well, torparse is 100% accurate so your whole point is basically irrelevant. Also, in most boss fights I'm in the 1800-2100 range, so you must just not be very good, as well as the rest of your guild.
LOL the tactic of the weak minded. I am god so you must suck LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. I think that "justification" you just used pretty much explains you are full of being a lot more than just full of yourself.

Also love how TORParse is touted as 100% accurate because you upload your parse file to them and it translates it. Nothing like SWmon, Mox, ACT that also reads your parse file and translates them...WITHOUT HAVING TO UPLOAD. Yes you would think reading a parse file and reporting everything would be equal but nope. Seriously...try different parsers reading the same fight and they all will report differently. I have also upgraded more of my gear (now at 735 bonus dmg 1240 on the high end of primary dmg w/ 63 enhancements/mods/main hand hilt). And you know what....I hit 1800 dps but still only see 2k parses if any multiple mob pulls are AOE parses.

Let me say again nice laugh on the you just suck part and then to top yourself you claim my guild sucks as well. I have ran with most of my servers TOP progression guilds (Death Sentence, Revenant, Shadow Dragons etc), and have not seen one...ONE dps report the numbers you claim so even if I sucked on my toon surely full Dread Commander geared players in top progression guilds that watch dps meters like they come from god itself would have at least one of their over geared players able to get in "range" of your claims...but nope not seen it. Cool story though bro.
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