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Now that the game has gone F2P some people decided to review their new model by checking out the F2P chart at and were really disappointed by all the restrictions. Some of the reviews have been pretty harsh on the game when they see all the stuff you have to pay for "What? They are selling parts of the GUI? This game sucks!" (To everyone that says that selling quickbars is going way too far, I agree with that and I'm not here to argue that point)

What I want to point out is that there are several positive aspects of this new model that are not beign advertised by Bioware and is not clearly evident in their F2P chart, which is going to end up hurting them since the first impression people get of their model is that it's pretty bad, which i really think it's not the case.

First off, any former subscriber is automatically promoted to Prefered Status, something that the F2P fails to mention and is pretty significant since Prefered status has significantly less restrictions than F2P players, returning players get to keep their Legacy Unlocks, Inventory Slots, Bank slots and any Artifact Equiment that was previously bound, I had to go digging through the Dev tracker to get that information

Blaine: First off – if you change from being a subscriber to a Free-to-Play player, you will always go to Preferred status and will never become a Free Account, so you’ll have some features unlocked that you otherwise would not. Additionally, you will absolutely retain the Legacy unlocks that you earned/purchased as a subscriber. In almost all cases, if you have been a subscriber, you will find that things you purchased for in-game credits will be retained when you go down to Preferred. Including things like Cargo Hold access and Inventory Slots.
This information might be common knowledge for those of us that come to the forum often and have been checking on the Devs Q&A and interviews, but someone that has been away from the game and is interested in coming back is going to dig through the dev tracker to find out everything about F2P they will simply check out the chart and be immediately turned off.

Another thing that is not mentioned in the F2P model is that there are several ways to get around the restrictions without having to spend real money yourself, similar to they that you don't have to spend cash to unlock new champions in League of Legends, but not as straight forward, because you actually have to buy the Cartel Items from other players.

Nathan Emmott: Allowing players to trade items they buy from the Market, to give gifts, and to sell them on the Galactic Trade Network is core to our plans for the Cartel Market and an experience we only want to improve!
When they mentioned that Cartel Items were going to be tradable I imagined that they only refered to the cosmetic items, when In fact everyone from the cartel market is tradable, The quickbars, the authorization to access section X, the authorization to use artifact or event gear, and not to mention all the cosmetic items, pets, emotes, etc. This is good for everyone but specially for returning players because if you happen to have some credits saved up you can use them to buy Cartel Items, and Bioware keeps getting the money because someone had to buy that Item directly from the Cartel Market previously.

TLRD: So in short, I think the F2P Chart is pretty bad and needs to be reworked, it shows their new model to be too restrictive when in fact is much more flexible than it seems, Bioware is doing a poor job at advertising their product and this new model, people shouldn't have to go investigating the Dev Tracker to find out more about F2P, it's up to Bioware to bring the information to all their potential customers and let them know all the positives aspects and flexibilities of their new model, not just the restrictions.