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Well you may be right when it comes to most people. But when it comes to the people on these forums, I must strongly disagree with you concerning Revan.

When since is Qui-gon underrated? I always thought he was pretty beast. Are there many others who disagree?
I think Revan is both Overrated and Underratted, and rarely rated modestly . I myself try to keep in real in the world of EU FANBOISM LUKE SKYWALKER , but it is a never ending battle.
One set of Fanboys calling other fanboys out , its just silly.

Revan is unknown in skill and power , we only know he was powerful and a great combatant . Alone usually that would be enough to go on but in the world where Luke Skywalker cannot die and is soooo Goddly he wins everything without question , the Fanboys got scared when a large group of Fanboys started to speak the name Revan and put down everything about him and the fans that like him !

Just like now with Disney gaining ownership of Lucasfilms and all that is SW , the old always fear change . If I didn't have a open mind and question everything , not to mention a imagination and a hunger for creativity ..............yea I too "Would Have Been" a EU Luke Skywalker Fanboy .
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