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This is assuming someone has a guild or group to run with. I've tryed getting a jump on one of my toons this way, and news flash, if yoj think group finder is filled with noobs, hop into story mode ops sometime. Its got twice as many, takes 3 times as long and most of the time isn't even completed. And every tom, blank and harry are in there with recruit gear and it has fail written all over it. There is a thread on these forums about the increase of people with recruit gear queing for LI HM and the headaches that is causing. Why would someone want to do this, specially if people can't be bothered to down bosses in hm fp?.
But I don't think Group Finder is filled with noobs. Wipes are extremely rare, and I can't remember the last time we didn't complete the content (maybe LI HM pre patch)

Last time I used GF for story mode ops, it was fine. Sometimes groups fall apart when people DC, or people are just not coordinated enough to do the droid boss in Karaggas, but the risk/reward is worth it IMO. Plenty of people queue who don't need gear because they like the content or want the comms. Plenty of guilds use it when they don't have 8 people and you can sometimes piggy back with them.

Just put yourself in the queue while you are running all those missions on Belsavis, Ilum and Black Hole as a new 50 and you will get a pop. More than likely you will walk out with some gear.

And it doesn't change the overall fact that it's more efficient and more polite to skip unnecessary content in HM FPs
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