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11.26.2012 , 08:20 AM | #10
I remember when I played RIFT during launch, and wait times were 3-4 hours. THAT was a pain. This is like a 5-10 min wait for subscribers. Even when it says "40 minutes" its like a 5 min wait. Just enough time to go to the washroom, load up on water, clean the nasal cavity and check a quick video on You Tube (or smoke for those who do that).

Can't make em all happy, but people are alot happier with actually being able to play the game (as in Operations, flashpoints) and having to wait 5-10 mins.

Sorry it doesnt work for you.

Here's a pro-tip, we did this in RIFT during the massive server queues:
Grab a "pecking bird" (You know, the bird that keep pecking nonstop). Cut its legs down and jimmy it up to a point it can balance on your "forward" button. Go find a corner (any will do) and have it constantly peck the W.