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I see it often actually, and the best way to act here is, AS I ALREADY SAID, to go to the other area from the spawn. They cannot pull you, they cannot damage you and you can go on about your business. YOU are killing the match by walking into the slaughter-house.

And as a matter of fact, I did face full WH-premades as mostly recruit just a while ago on my Sage, who, when she dinged 50, had only a War Hero-shirt, rest Recruit MK-2. And you know what? I did ok. I could hold nodes long enough for backup to arrive, I could offer the other DPS's some support (in this state I got 300K in a Voidstar) etc. What you have to understand is, that in full recruit VS. full WH you won't be that effective to take them down 1on1. But you CAN HELP THE TEAM. Until you get gear, play for the team, not for personal victories. -_-
Alderan civil war has 2 ways of getting down from the middle speeder. Both of them where covered. I could pull back out of LOS and just stay there but then i would end up with 0 medals... Would be way safer to just leave the game. I am not a damn noob. I have been doing PVP for a long time(other games) and did it from 10 to 49 on my sage. Got to 50 with rank 50 valor. I am not a damn idiot to fight in the middle.

I have no idea who you faced but not the players i did. I also play a sage, fully CC speced... Gues what? It does not matter 1 Mara or 1 jugg would eat me alive in 3 or so hits. Criting me with 7k+ fart bombs.

I did get premades that where not that good and we could fight back (lose badly but fight back) and yes i can handle myself by running and hiding behind my team and healing, using CC on healers and do damge from behind... Thing is that is another situation...