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Made a new char, and need some input on how to decide which advanced class to specialize in.

I'm only doing PVE, so class story and other quests , heroics, some flashpoints,.....

What is the best and easiest to use for the reasons i mentioned above.

I could use some input here.
My main is a powertech. While I spent most of mine time spec'ed as a shieldtech, I did play around with pyro and AP. I personally found the DPS trees under powertech to be awesome PvP specs... Not as outstanding (though viable) PvE specs. I can't tell you the last PvE group I've been in that had a pyro or AP in it. For PvE most people seem to gravitate towards mercs.

As a tank and guild officer I can tell you mercs are great to have while running end-game HMs and ops. Not only can they lay on massive damage, they can also pocket heal. It's a very versatile class for PvE.
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