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Quote: Originally Posted by DarthSeraph View Post
Im not even a dedicated pvp player as I mainly prefer pve.

But come on lets be honest it isnt that hard to get gear in this game at all.

The ability to group up with guildies or friends has been an option since the game came out.
As one of the previous posters said some guilds dont have that many dedicated pvp'ers they only have a handful and when they are all on they group up so they make the chance of winning that little bit better.

So if your moaning about premades in normals grow some balls and take the beatings.
This is not about getting gear. This about a horible PVP system that would make a lot of people don't do it.

How many FTP getting to 50 and getting OWNED over and over and over and over are going to whant to but more PVP time? How many people that got a sub back curently (like me) are going to stick around when the curent PVP norm is find a premade get best gear and go stomp on pugs?

Go to pvp section and see how many pages we have on this problem. Casuals (THE HUGE MAJORITY) whant to get home, hope into pvp and have some fun. After a long day at work this is just a little bit of relaxing.. But what then? Get stomped over and over and over... Yes go ahead tell people to get guilds, find friends, get very good gear to be able to face this PRO PLAYERS(and have the skills to face them even with gear) with top of the line gear... NO WONDER this game whent FTP...
Why do you thing WoW is going good? Because people that just whant some fun CAN HAVE IT.

Of course we can keep having this system and have the game go down the sewer...