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11.26.2012 , 07:32 AM | #20
A lot of these changes seem to be oriented toward damage, but IMO they also need to seriously look at healing. I'm currently leveling a Scoundrel (Operative), and am a few levels short of being able to evaluate the top tier heal (the AOE HOT), but it seems clear that on PVE/ops heals, Sage/Sorceror dominates, Scoundrel/Operative is next, and Commando/Mercenary is picking up the rear by a ways.

I don't know anyone who'd prefer to take a Commando/Mercenary when they could take a Sage/Sorceror for a healer instead.

I really think that Kolto Bomb (sorry, my 50 BH is a Powertech, don't know the Mercenary names off top of head) needs a buff to be competitive with Salvation/Revivification from the Sage/Sorceror. Like either what's been suggested, that its Residue hits a lot more people, has a bigger radius, OR it smart-targets the people with the most damage instead of just proximity, et cetera. SOMETHING.

Frankly I wish it was more like Salvation/Revivification, that there was some ability that was as useful as that one is. I sure wouldn't weep if that instant free heal every 20 seconds got removed for an AOE HOT like the other two have.

Also, the new self-heal is a joke. The Sage/Sorceror gets to self-heal at the tap of a button; the Mercenary/Commando has to put the reactive heal on himself (when it really works a lot better on the tank), then fire his weapon at an enemy. This is effectively taking two heals away from the group, because usually the reactive heal would be on the tank or on self, and the gunfire would be getting used on everyone else.

Frankly, I think it's stupid. Just give the Mercenary/Commando a self-heal like the Sage/Sorceror. For crying out loud, just allow self-targeting with the gunfire heal too. I truly don't understand why the Mercenary/Commando works the way it does, which may work out mathematically on some dev spreadsheet to be balanced, but it sure doesn't seem that way, and I think it's safe to say most PvE players don't perceive it that way.