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Then why do you keep walking to them? You can choose to go to west from the spawn, surely they aren't camping both entrances. And no attacks reach that far that they could touch you before you are about to enter mid. And while they are camping the spawners, they are losing on players to watch their nodes. Man up, come up with a strategy and get back at them.
When was the last time you had to face something like this? You can't KILL anybody... If you jump down you are dead in seconds.
Try this, change whatever gear you have with recruit and some BM pieces then do the same with just about the entire team you have, keep it pug and then go and try to fight augmented WH people. Healers and all. I don't whant you to WIN i whant you to KILL 1 man. Its IMPOSIBLE. Anybody from that team was 2-3 shooting us. This where PRO people... Using better tactics? Yeah right.

Its like puting a little kid with the best boxer in the world in the ring and stating if he used tactics he could win...