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Oh, Watcher X. You really would like that opportunity, wouldn't you? Hmm, and a single Jedi is out there, but she's lacking some qualifications for future actions...

This prompt has unleashed a monster within me. Conceptualizing the world in these terms is my entire career.

So, Do the Math: Local Minimum.

The local minimum of a function occurs when it bottoms out someplace; it's higher right before and it's higher right after. However, the derivative (rate of change) at precisely that point is always zero: for one moment in time it looks like nothing is changing at all.

This is an alternate telling…and alternate supporting cast, obviously, with Wynston's presence…of a scene directly out of RMC. 1100 words, spoiler for a Sith Warrior quest on Corellia.


Do the Math: Hysteresis.

Hysteresis describes the dependency of a system on, not only what's going on now, but what has happened in the past. Some systems can be fully described, and their next step predicted, by the snapshot of their status and their inputs right this moment. Others can't be entirely predicted unless you also know something about its state before this moment.

1100 words, Warrior Act 3 spoilers.


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