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no offence to some of you saying you have noticed this recently, however its always been like this, 16man content since release is really not worth the hassle, its not tuned properly at all and neva has been. and this is from someone that had everything cleared except NiM EV in January. (NiM EV was not doable till the mind traps were patched)

we were going to go 16 man but after testing it out it was just not reasonable to ask the guys to do it. so we did 2x 8man instead.

bragging rights are the only reason to do 16man, and as we dont give a crap what people think we will stick to 8man untill they grow a brain and sort 16man out.
Yeah, but if you've been doing 16 man Ops progression recently you'd have noticed that the gap which previously I'd say was 15%, has now increased to about 40%

NiM EV and KP were easy mode compared to HM 16 Man TfB and NiM EC is a step beyond even that. The difference you noticed before is WAY larger than when you stopped doing 16 mans.
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