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So queueing with 2 friends aka 3man group is fine?
Does it automaticly become illegal if the 2 other friends are in the same guild?

I guess we have to leave our guild and group up guildless and fool you Solo RP stoops ?

I dont see why youre complaining about premades nowadays, there has been premades running for a loooong time, did you suddenly get tired of it now?

and yes stomping people in recruit is fun, columi is even funnier, dont even deny it. Once you see a 14k sage/sorc you auto tunnelvision it
No mate, just got back to this game and after ending up FARMED at the start location (where you get off the speeder) over and over and pulled in by shadows(imps version) and BH in the main group (this is just an example for alderan civil war) and killed over and over and over makes me what to quit the game. This is going to happen to all the people getting back now with FTP option(sub included as i have that to) or people that get to 50 with FTP option and do those 5 games.... Not even going into if they will buy more WZ time... How many people do you think are going to stick around? Why do you think this game got to be FTP? This stuff is BAD,very BAD for the game...

But yes i don't know what the option is. BW should figure something up AS THAT IS WHY I PAY FOR THIS GAME.... Problem is this is just ruining the game. Go in PVP section and see how many pages with this problem is.

I myself qued with friends in WoW in BG's but this was NEVER a problem there. Perhaps the smaller teams here or something like that... I don't know but some of the experince i had with premades almost made me quit the game and that is not good for the game itself as i have a LOT of patience... Consider what other people are going to do...

Anyway i do belive i QQ'ed enough and annoyed people enough with this... I just wanted to point to something that is detrimental to this game...

PS. I stoped playing this game 3 months in because the horible ability delay and PVP lag. Had a Guardian back then but now i leveld a sage, had a BLAST in pvp from 10 to 49 and did a TON of pvp.