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What story spoilers are they (Gaider and Chee) giving out?

Are SGRs story content?

Is there a conclusion to be drawn from this?
They're not giving anything away yet, but the fact is they are very active on the BSN, discussing things about DA3, such as it exist at the moment and by extension any issues that arise.

The conclusion is - David Gaider is a god among men, and if he was over on this side of the Bioware fence, SGRAs would't be an issue. Even if we didn't have them yet, he wouldn't be hiding away refusing to talk to us, and most importatnlty, he's the first one to shout down (with his amazing word skills) the more rabid of the anti-crowd.

I love Gaider - there I said it - inatotallyplatonicwaycushebeingamanandmenotbeingin tomen

Sheryl Chee and the rest of the Bioware Canada crew are all pretty awesome too - even if you don't agree with everything they say, they at least engage with the fans and stand up for the 'minorities'.