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I can't agree with this. Normals should be for people to que solo and gear up and then form premades and go ranked.
Normals should be for the more casual players and when people are gearing up, you actualy think you can find premades when you don't have good gear? Even if you do its going to be a bad one.
Another problem is that it stops people from playing (casual and first timers).

Coming from WoW (yeah i know) and getting back a month or so back and leveling a sage to 50 (having a blast in pvp) and then getting to 50 and ending up FARMED AT THE START SITE over and over as i was tring to gear up (you know how much fun it is to get pulled by shadows (imps version) and bounty hunters inside the team and killed over and over?) Almost made me quit the damn game... I left the game some 3 monts after it was launched as it has horible pvp lag and ability delay but now i got back... Thing is with this premades... Its just BS. This is also not about bad gear as i started with recruit + 4 pieces of next tier i belive. Also as a sage i kept back and nuked. Not a problem with people killing me because of gear diference but because of premades and comptly somping on us (not all the time obviously). I am used to fresh max level = bad in pvp.

Oh and don't give me "we all had to go trough this" as this is not a valid response. We should look at how we can improve the game not expose more people to this nonsense.

Now don't get me wrong i don't see a problem with quing with a friend or 2 but that is about it.

normals - for casuals and people leveling up(gear) or just having some fun (also no forming premades and stomping on pugs is not included in "fun")
Ranked - teams to form premades and do ranked pvp for better rewards and status.
So queueing with 2 friends aka 3man group is fine?
Does it automaticly become illegal if the 2 other friends are in the same guild?

I guess we have to leave our guild and group up guildless and fool you Solo RP stoops ?

I dont see why youre complaining about premades nowadays, there has been premades running for a loooong time, did you suddenly get tired of it now?

and yes stomping people in recruit is fun, columi is even funnier, dont even deny it. Once you see a 14k sage/sorc you auto tunnelvision it
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