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Dooku would win.
He's got way more experience with stronger foes than Bane. Dooku beat The Chosen One and Obi-wan Kenobi. The second time he beat Kenobi while fighting the Chosen One. He also is seen multiple times besting Grevious and Ventress in duels/training things.
I agree, but it still would be a close fight.
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You list Caedus (Jacen Solo) but you don't even put his sister, Jaina on the list? You actually think that wuss Starkiller is stronger than The Sword of the Jedi?
Well, yes he is. Jaina was able to defeat him only with Luke's help.
Sword of the Jedi? I don't know much about FOTJ, Jaina probable became stronger here,i took her as NJO-LOTF. If you will able to devote me in her powers, I'll be very pleased, really.
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Durron is no match for her either.
His Force potential and experience is higher.
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Remove Abeloth and The Ones, as they are more manifestations of the Force
A famous delusion.All of them were mortal beings who one day gained immense power.We don't know much about The Ones, but Father told that Anakin could gain his post, so theoretically he gained it the same way.
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if not top three.
Do you think she's stronger than Lord Vitiate or Ragnos?