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Lots of people saying they are interested - but no one is filling out the entry forms!

If you're wondering why I have these, it's for a couple of reasons. To make sure all the teams have the minimum number of players available, to let me post and advertise who is competing, to be able to know how many teams are competing so as to properly create the bracket, and to be prepared for casting the event as best as possible.

Guys! Fill out the form and get it to me ASAP! It's just a little info on all your players (Names/Class) and Guild Info!

This will be streamed live on Twitch and is a SWTOR First!
The problem for the server is there is very few players left it's hard to know who is available so far away from the day. I know I will have a team, who is on it I'm unsure of yet due to these issues. It's much easier for me to say Add Coins will have a team (As we will) then to list the exact players, unless you're willing for these players to be changed on the day.

The other option is in my form I list more than 9 players who will be my pool from whom I will select from given their availability.