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The rotation turns into Recklessness> DF> Discharge> Shock> Maul. You find me a 31pts build that does that much damage in 4 moves. That's why I prefer 27pts over 31pts. I do not need to use 2 thrashes/ VS to get my highest damage. No setup required.
But without setup, you won't have Duplicity. Won't you have problems to compete with 31pts, with a Maul at 50 Force and without the 30% bonus ?
The rotation would cost in total 37+ 45 +20 +50 = 152 Force, maybe it's a bit short with Force regenration before using the fourth ability... you would have spent 102 Force, while having regenerated 12 Force 4times within 4.5s meaning 48 Force, so 102 of effective 148, it will normally remain 46 Force too short for Maul unless delaying it a bit to wait the fifth second or unless you have the +10 Force in your build.

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Side note: Does Overcharge Saber increase the damage done by Discharge? I've never thought so, but people keep seeming to throw it in before popping Discharge.
No, it doesn't (unless I'm mistaking). I actually don't understand why people give so much credit to this skill. It's a no-cost damage increase, which is nice but it's marginal IMO.