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11.26.2012 , 03:35 AM | #19

I have tried so many damn times to get people to try new specs, they just wont. When I was destroying people with Mad Maul no one would listen to me and everyone just stayed the boring 31-1-9. Wakajinn spec is absolutely the best spec for opening burst and survivability but no matter what no one will listen. They will just keep doing what they always do. They will read the posts but they wont try it, then just flame the post based off of bias and miscalculated theory crafting.

On a side note, in the Wakalord guide there are many examples of why the Wakajinn spec out performs the other specs. I did notice one more thing that was not discussed in the entire thread. One of the greatest attributes of Wakajinn spec is its burst, 20k damage in 12 seconds with out Recklessness buff. That is sexy. Where that burst really shines is during Focus Fire. In WZ's specially rated WZ's well timed Focus Fire will make our break your team. With the set up required from Deception, Madness and Mad Maul it is really hard to get a well timed Focus Fire. Sure if you have 2x VS already or Raze proc you can turn to another target and nuke, but if you don't have it up yet then you have to build it. With Wakajinn you do not have to worry about set up, so you can unload anytime you want. Wakajinn really shines when a healer is getting his face Smashed in by a Jugg and is sitting at 50%, when a Wakajinn Sin gets added to that healer it is pretty much game over.