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I disagree with calling her a Sith in the end. It is a title, but the title does not make the person.

I love the Sith Triumverate the most, out of ALL other sith lords, because they aren't canned bad guys or even, in my opinion, villains. To me, they were the embodiments of their namesake titles... closer to natural forces than actual Sith. Especially Nihilus... he was driven by hunger, by his nature, by necessity.
I agree with you completely, you can say she was a Sith all along and that she was just kidding herself. But ultimately, much like the Son said on mortis, Sith is a title, but it is not who she is. She uses the dark side, yes - but she does not follow the Sith code. The Force certainly does not free her.

Great post by the way Aurbere, very interesting to see your interpretation of the Malachor business. I always thought it was a ruse to bring Meetra there to confront her past. But perhaps it was a mixture. Thoughts on Arren Kae anyone?