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perhaps that's one of the reasons WHY jedi forbid family, by mating they create a blood line and can breed powerful force users, and as spider-man taught us, great power comes with great responsibility.

If a bloodline keeps getting stronger and stronger due to selective breeding, then they are creating a dynasty of powerful force users that will only get more powerful with each generation - and that is just begging for a new sith lord.

I seem to remember in the new jedi order series, Vergere - a jedi master from the old republic was dismayed to hear that luke had a son, because of this very reason, his father started a blood line, and luke is continuing the bloodline with his son, who eventually has their own child and ultimately spawns Cade Skywalker, who is pretty much the most powerful jedi of his time as well.

So, perhaps the jedi practice of not having family, was a way to ensure that no single jedi could become too powerful to control.