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Either increase the 8 man difficulty - 10 guilds cleared it in under 3 days,
or decrease the 16 man difficulty - 2 clears of Tanks and no clears of Kephess.

Personally, I'd suggest increasing the 8 man difficulty, I'm 1/4 NiM EC and thought that NiM Zorn & Toth were a letdown

Is NiM EC Kephess a step up from the Drouk Brothers? Someone in Astral described him as being very well tuned on 8 man. I'm curious if anyone with 4/4 agrees.
The 1 and 3rd boss fights are a very straight forward, with the tanks being a tough enrage timer with failry simple differences in the mechaincs (with almost none if u time the DPS right). Kephis however is another matter - is a very very tough fight with a lot of working out to do - with the 2nd and final phases being particlaury hard.

I would persoanlly like to see Zorn and Toth and the minefiles difficlty ramped up a lot, while the other 2 fights I think are about right in terms of difficulty.
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