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Kaas city looks fairly expansive. You are only able to explore a fraction of it (look around you when you take a taxi to the citadel). Additionally, Capital cities are generally not the "largerst population or economy centres" in real life.

For example: what country do you live in? Is the capital the city with the biggest economy or population?
Most EU countries have their capitals being also the largest economy cities. Most.

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Now you say that system was "doomed"? Ask Poland, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Czechoslovakia, Luxembourg, Norway, Yugoslavia, Greece, etc. Yes, Germany ended up losing the overall war but they weren't "destined to lose". Took FAR too much work on the Allies' part for us to make THAT statement.

I do not need to ask. I know it personally. I saw even too much.
That's also why i am not inclined to play like one of those who MAKE it happen.

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It's a game. You join because it is fun. We KNOW that the empire is destined to lose given that the events in TOR take place thousands of years PRIOR to the movies.

Yes, I know and i probably will continue My Inquisitor is fully on DS, but I sometimes do not see any sense in decisions she makes, so it's is only for the sake of reaching Dark V. But I may reconsider later.

Just wanted to share my thoughts, nothing more.
Dark side is a pathway to many abilities, some consider to be unnatural.