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i believe what was being referred to was that Powertech is able to keep their target perma-slowed through the use of Flame Burst, which also procs the CGC dot as well as procs Rail Shot resets.

either way, Missile Blast is a perfect candidate for a slow like this. it is very high heat cost, very low damage. meaning it cannot be spammed while maintaining effective dps, and that it cannot be spammed as a means to produce effective dps. spamming of Missile Blast would allow for a perma-slow effect, but would result in quickly overheating and significantly reduce damage output.
You quoted where I addressed that very thing.


Flame Burst augmented with the Bursting Flame and Sweltering Heat skills will not apply the Sweltering Heat slow consecutively for more than two times in a row.
versus something like Hamstring which will apply its slow indefinately, assuming the target is not immune.