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In terms of what we were promised the SI does not deliver.

It is not a bad story. In act 2 it does what it needs to do, I knew what I was doing and why, Thanaton is an effective if, criminally, underdeveloped antagonist, made by the fact that his story and the SI are very similar.

Personally I find BH act 2 to be the low point of the game.

If I were to rewrite the SI story, I would either use Thanaton as a living master, for act 2 (say you consume the sprit and he decides to use you) and then have him killed by a jedi or a rival Sith, Act 2 you hunt down tratiors and others opposed to the empire. Act 3 would be you cosolidating your position and gaining ancient Rakata tech and Voss knowledge/ Gormak army.

OR you kill him at the end of act 2 and he hangs around as a ghost, giving you advice and helping you to gain power because either; 1. You proved your self worthy or 2. He was weakened by a (jedi/Sith/ [Starcabale]) and knows you have to kill them to get what you want.

edit: it bugs me that only the BH fights the pubs in act 3.
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