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Then the interns they set on the SI story did an excellent job, imho. The IA story, especially Act 2, had to have been written by some sort of sadist. I'd take even the JC story over IA all day any day.

On topic, I think the SI story should have more to do with the non-Khem companions.
I personally disagree in terms or choices and how IA and SW can handle situations has the JC and SI beat imo and how the SW and IA story reacts to your alignment is awesome as well. Before release bioware described/advertised the SI as someone who works/manipulates people from the shadows playing the SI twice to 50 I have not seen that all I got was indiana jones and ghost buster.

In terms of companions I don't like the SI either its the reason why I take khem everywhere. Bioware made players expect a story that is iconic to darth sidious instead I got darth sidious AND darth vader in the sith warrior story.

The only thing I like about the SI story is some parts of chapter 1 and korriban and then from there it goes down hill very fast.

Even bioware said that their favourite story is the IA and they even praised the IA story in interviews. You may not like the IA but from what I have seen the majority do. Plus looking back on rate the story topics and beta topics the sheer disappointment with the SI story and JC is staggering. I remember a beta topic where people were saying to keep chapter 1 for si and scrap the rest and do it over.