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11.25.2012 , 11:04 PM | #7
I know this is a slight tangent, but why are people undercutting prices on Cartel Market items (Repub side)?! It's outrageous!

If you can make 1.5m from a crystal or a saber, then why doesn't everyone just put it on the GTN for 1.5m and leave it to the luck of the draw if yours gets purchased? I'm sick of seeing people putting items up for 1m then 20mins later, someone else will put the same item for 400k - it's bloody stupid!

Anyway, I've got:
Pink purple indestructible x3
Pink purple eviscerating x1
Devastator's Double Bladed x2
Max-tac rifle x1
Nihilus Mask x1

Longspur Elite x3
Sand Crawlers x1
Sand Devils x2
Crimson Claws x3

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