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I do like the Run and Gun idea and everything below it, but i don't know about that missle blast 6s slow, because
A.) We can spam it; it would kill our heat and not be a very practical source of dps, but just because we CAN will make other classes cry nerf, because they won't see our side of it--all they'll see is "INSTANT CAST SLOW *** OP NERF MERCS AND OPS"
B.) Powertechs would get PO'd because they wouldn't get it and they'd claim to be jipped.
I think its fine as is, but others wouldn't, so i'd propose putting a shorter slow or maybe even a short CD on it.
a) Meh, I think the heat cost is so extreme as to make it only 'spammable' for a very short time. That short time would give us some much needed utility however, as well as providing extra defense before a cast chain.

b) PTs can already spec into permanent ranged snare (which is what prompted many mercs/mandos to ask for an 'equalizer' in the first place)
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