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This game has the worst customer service! I will say, there have been one or two, maybe 3 at tops, that have actually provided satisfactory service. Most the time, I wonder if they even read the tickets or help inquiries, because a lot of the time, I get responses that have ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the ticket subject matter.

The wait time is terrible, which with serveral account going, I can say, its consistant on each account, the wait time is usually anywhere from 1 week to 5 weeks.

Tickets are closed, with no way to reopen them, aside from filing a new ticket. Problems remain unresolved and subs are treated with disregard. AND, they offer no restituion for all the crap they put us through.

Many of us came from LOTRO, we still play both games. First and foremost, I have NEVER had to submit as many tickets on LOTRO as this game and I have been in LOTRO since around the time it started. Yes, LOTRO is not perfect, but BW/EA should take some pointers from TURBINE and WARNER BROS. as this game, is quickly becoming more of a frustration than a form of entertainment. This game has tons of potential, but if these problems are not resolved (and its a long list, let me tell you) going back to LOTRO is a sure bet. I don't mind to spend money on a game, but I am not the one to keep spending money for much longer, to have false promises and a broken game... the novalty is wearing off and our company is not going to keep supporting this as a perk to its employees if the service and game mechanics do not improve. We will simply continue our support for LOTRO and whatever other game our staff votes they want us to support - - sad enough, we have had several votes in the past two months, from our staff, voting to spend employee perk money AWAY from this game because the only consistancy in this game is frustration on various levels.
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