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11.25.2012 , 09:55 PM | #3
did what you said and augmented some gear(ran out of money lol, need to do more slicing missions/dailies) but that helped a great deal. Got all my clothes and my gun augmented. Also tweaked my spec. there was a perk in shieldtech i didn't have(no idea why not) which gives me +4 percent absorb and reduces the cooldown on one of my...cooldowns lol.

So with the augments and that I got up to 48 percent absorb and still have 6 pieces i have yet to augment. Might put down a little defense and maybe some endurance. Most of what i read is for PTs to focus on shield and absorb before defense so idk, but what I do know is that what I've done sofar has caused noticeable improvement to my survivablity. Thank you again for the tip!

I left swtor in march, came back three weeks ago and made this PT. I hate to say it, but I didnt even know I could augment any gear before reading this post. when I left, the only way to get augment's still was a lucky crafting roll. That could explain why the implants my sorc was hawking on the GTN seemed to not sell anymore.

TLDR thank you very much for the advice!