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Really? REALLY?? I thought Sion was great in so many senses of the word!
- he made you SUPER scared (don't deny it)
- he showed you how tormenting being a slave of the dark side can be
- his hatred is really impressive. For me, he was a really thought-provoking.
- (for me) he is the definition of a Sith

Aurbere: I realize you don't like Sion as much as I do, but I'd love it if you made a character thread on him.
I agree that Sion is a thought provoking character and is, in a way, a symbol. He had achieved some measure of immortality, but he had sacrificed himself to the Dark Side to do it. He had become a slave of the Dark Side. It took the power of love and the forgiveness from Meetra Surik to save him.

I would very much like to do a thread on Sion, but I have another character in the works first.
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