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Not just power.

5.Ludo Kressh
His decision was wiser than Sadow.

4.Darth Zash
To be fair she was the backbone of Nox, without her knowledge and research there is no way Nox could become so powerful and defeat Thanaton. And prior to that, her plan would be successful if Khem Val didn't jump in.

3.Darth Bane
He saved and remade the dying Sith.

2.Qui Gon Jinn
Like Bane, his idea saved and help Yoda/Obi Wan remade the Jedi.

1.Darth Plagueis the Wise
The Great Manipulator of living and death, he could bring back the dead(no others could do, not even Abeloth) and could use the Dark Side rejuvenate himself rather than let the body being to corrupted and aged by the Dark Side.