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11.25.2012 , 06:54 PM | #48
I have been bitten by this bug again today. I had reversed engineered some barrels and the blue recipes did not get lost so I though maybe I would be ok to continue R/E other things. Still on my armstech crafter. I reverse engineered some rifles and got the blue recipe and then began to gather the mats to create a blue one ...

while waiting for my companion to come back from a mission to get the mats my instance queue popped and I went off to run a PUG instance ...

when I returned to my starting point after finishing the instance, I opened up my crafting window to continue with my efforts to create the blue version of the rifle ... but the recipe was now *gone*


the failure of this company to reply to this thread detailing such a serious issue in their own official forums is very poor customer support, plain and simple.

PS. I don't speak German, but I ran their reply through google translation and got the following result shown below . It does not sound very promising. As a software developer my own opinion is they have a poorly written database or data abstration layer. A very similar problem used to happen often back when the game released >> If you created a toon named "Fred" and then deleted it and rerolled it again as "Fred" ... nobody could add "Fred" to their friends list (it actually used to say no such character exists even when it was online at the time) ... because it could not properly index the new character and could only see the first one that had been deleted. They eventually fixed it, but it took them a good long time... I am shelving this armstech toon indefinitely. I do not have the time (and money) to waste on such a pointless exercise.

Hi all,

the suddenly disappearing plans have already been forwarded to the development team, so that as soon as possible can work on a solution for this. Unfortunately, I can not call this time frame in which it will be resolved. First, the exact cause can be identified.

I can understand how frustrating this can be, especially if you just want to pull up a new profession and then discovered the missing recipes for Next Skill. Please have a little patience, however, while we work on the solution. Thank you for this.
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