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Rateah is not Nox, she is an Inquisitor class but she is not the ingame Nox.

As it stand right now there is no canon in game Nox in the FoW universe because I have yet to complete the SI story line, I like the name Nox however, and this leaves me open to explore that character if/when I do complete the story line. Right now she is a nameless and faceless rival for Marek.

Rateah is the SI I personally play in game (a little lvl 20 right now), but I began writing her character before I began playing her, she does have similarities to the Canon SI, aka the Alien, former slave stuff, but that's where the similarities end.
Ah. Between Rateah's background, the comment about Nox, and that Rateah was going to betray Marek I somehow connected dots that did not exist.

Thanks for the clarification.

BTW, don't think I've commented on your stories in the past. Awesome story. I really love the character development and the depth of your stories. This forum has some truly amazingly talented writers.