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11.25.2012 , 05:10 PM | #7
Server price will be based in part on the cost of the mats. Here's a high average for mat costs from what I've seen on the GTN on our server. You can certainly get mats cheaper, but it means watching the market, or farming them yourself. Oh, and this is just mats cost, most crafters mark up a bit after that.

26s need about 650k worth of mats: (x10 Durasteel (~5k), x10 Zal Alloy (~5k), x6 Mandalorian Iron (~30k), x4 Molecular Stabilizer(500k), x2 Synthetic Energy Matrix(100k))

27s need about 900k worth of mats: (x12 Durasteel (~6k), x12 Zal Alloy (~6k), x8 Mandalorian Iron (~40k), x6 Molecular Stabilizer(750k), x2 Synthetic Energy Matrix(100k))

I have no idea where Neo's getting that 100k figure on 26s. The server would have to be completely flooded with Molecular Stabilizers to justify that price, or people would have to be selling at a loss.
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