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kabe, poor Vector...reintegration therapy indeed. I...truly wonder what Godera would find to do with him.

I'm struggling to name the whole "Wynston didn't play safe and cautious after his class line" thing. The thought of it is straight out of a passage from a favorite book, but it isn't a passage with any specific useful phrases. Well, I'll leave that aside for now and offer two mathematical notions.

Do the Math: Associativity. The "Wynston didn't play it cautious post-Kaliyo" continuation. 800 words, one implicit SW spoiler, no specific Agent spoilers.

The associative property states that (a+b)+c = a+(b+c). Among three people or groups of people, combining a and b first, then introducing c, should have the same result as combining b and c first, then introducing a. Or it would, anyway, if the operation of meeting people has the associative property.


Do the Math: Intransitivity. The "Wynston didn't play it cautious post-Kaliyo" continuation. 1000 words, nonspecific and mostly made-up Agent hints, indirect SW Act 3 spoiler.

The transitive property states that if a=b, and b=c, then a=c. Set in terms of trust: if a trusts b, and b trusts c, the transitive property would imply that a trusts c.

Trust does not have the transitive property.

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