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Part 9: In which the next hunt begins

“Ok, so Taunt wasn't sure but Plasmajack came up with Port Nowhere. He says it's some secret space station where people in the underworld meet up? Only they've never been there and you need to have, like, clearance, or something. I think I might’ve been there once with Nok and Risha but I’m not that good with memory stuff.” Vette rubbed her hands over the top of her head. "So anyway, Taunt said the best people to talk to would be the free traders, 'cause they go pretty much everywhere and pick up all the news.”

“Free traders”, said Zier thoughtfully.

Pierce snorted. “Just smugglers and pirate scum, m'Lord, hiding behind the Republic and trying to make themselves sound fancier. They run guns for rebels, spice, illegal tech implants, all that stuff, anything to make a quick credit, and they hate our guts. If I find a smuggler, I stamp on his face.”

Quinn nodded reluctantly, not really wanting to agree with Pierce. “The Lieutenant's assessment is largely accurate, my Lord. These will be difficult people to find and deal with; they dislike any rule of law and especially the Empire.”

“That Republic soldier - Major Standtrae? Didn't you say he told you his and Taberon's sister was a free trader? Based in the Core worlds, I think?” Zier looked enquiringly at Quinn.

“Yes my Lord, I have that on record, but it had temporarily slipped my mind.” Quinn looked annoyed with himself again. First being beaten by non-existent computer records; then being laughed at by Vette; then having to agree with Pierce; now having to admit to forgetting something. This was turning into a bad day.

“Well then, we should be able to contact her, if Taberon and Standtrae are willing to help.” Zier looked over at Jaesa. “Looks like we need you to get in touch with Tython again.”

“Yes Master. I guess you want to meet with them to explain this? It’ll be safer than a holocall.”

“I agree, my Lord, a face to face meeting would be much more secure”, agreed Quinn irritatedly. Another annoyance, why was Jaesa suddenly thinking about security issues? That was his job.

“That's settled then, thanks Jaesa, please sort a meeting with him soon as possible. And that was a good brainwave, thanks Vette”, she smiled across at the Twi'lek, but Vette was giggling at something Pierce had said to her and didn't notice.

Zier nudged Jaesa, and the two of them looked over at Vette and Pierce with broad speculative grins on their faces. No-one was taking any notice of Quinn, so he went back to the bridge to sulk for a while.
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